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Yet another Quarantine

Yet another Quarantine

Covid seems like the toxic ex who will keep spiralling into your life and you-like an emotional leaf- will fly again in the same direction.

Well, aren’t all us humans wired the same way? Ugh.

I found my self stuck in a week-long quarantine again, separated from my friends by literally a 2” thick wall.
How frustrating can that be?! But I can bet most have us have gone through this.

I am tired of learning all life-lessons such as ‘oh this is Karma’ or ‘oh now you need to learn again how to slow down and appreciate every moment of life that is so precious’.
Well, as spiritual as I’d like to be, I honestly found myself saying- fuck that!

My friends tried to motivate me by giving tons of ideas.
Sure, I can get a LOT of work done in solitude but this time – a strict planner like me – just didn’t want to get ANYTHING DONE.
Now I am the kind of person who loves to plan, make to-do lists, write down goals and time lines and all that jazz BUT this time- I didn’t even lift a finger.

Thankfully, Covid gave me 48 hours of great sleep, a few tears over a video call bickering about being stuck in a room again and then some MORE sleep BUT also a LOT of free time to be able to do a LOT more than usual.

I chose not to DO anything about it. :D
Is this me maturing as a person and truly appreciating life?Haha now this is a happy thought!! 

Today, on the last day of my quarantine, again – minus a few work calls here and there, I again decided not to do anything and write this email to you guys.
I just wanted to share my thoughts and say this to all you Alpha people- It’s okay!
It’s totally okay to FEEL lazy and do nothing on a given day, you’re not losing out!
It’s okay to just drop things and plunge on that sofa and let the day pass.

You’re thinking – ‘Well that’s easy for her to say ‘cos she’s locked up in a room’ but despite cribbing and whining all this time about feeling lonely and locked up - my BIGGEST TAKE AWAY is that-  this week, I just didn’t do ANYTHING.

I feel like I am mentally a few kilos lighter. I realised how much I appreciate feeling this way. This LIGHT and EASY.

How much –not doing anything for a while- is actually motivating me to do so much more!

Try this out ladies, give in to your real thoughts!




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