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Diffusing situations you can't control

Diffusing situations you can't control

No, I don’t belong to any bomb squad but I surely have understood how to tweak a wire or two.

Not in a bomb but in my mind :p
Okay, so what does that mean?
I've learn how to diffuse difficult situations. Make them powerless- by paying ZERO or MINIMUM attention.

This took some practice but I learnt that no problem actually requires SO much attention.
It automatically begins to FADE and with time - organically finds it OWN solution.

Wow, but HOW?
Lemme give you an example.
You sow a seed into some soil.
Now, you can’t do anything but WAIT!
You can’t physically pull a stem out of it.
You are POWERLESS in that moment because there is nothing you can do right?
It will grow, in its own time.
You don’t even know the chemical processes happening inside.
You don’t know that game nature is playing with the ingredients but you WILL see a plant in due course of time.


HENCE, look at yourself in the same way- sometimes you need to make the problem POWERLESS so that you can GROW.
So that you can continue being yourself, being HAPPY and WATCH situations resolve themselves.

Sounds a bit unreal, but it works.
There are times I want to fix something but haven't been unable to.
I CHOSE not to interfere with the PROCESS.

This was a mindset change for me.
I haven’t perfected it but it’s a path I've chosen for now.
I have seen it in some areas of my life-through the journey of my divorce, at work, within family.

We experience different things at different times. I have seen solutions unravel themselves which I couldn't even fathom. Possibilities I couldn’t even think of.

We unknowingly carry so much baggage- from one area into another.
What we simply need to do is- is a bit of excavation work because we know where the rocks are but not where the gold is.

So, what problems are you willing to diffuse?




Shreya Singh

This is so relatable! Thank you for sharing Anushree.
Didn’t know you went through a divorce. You seem so incredibly strong.



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