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For us, the process is as important as the product 
Our planet is in dire of need of ‘thoughtful mindsets’ and it signals a shift from rapid consumption and disposal to ethical choices and mindful living.
We recognize the urgency of ‘slow and conscious fashion’ – it is no longer an alternative, but a necessity.
At Kapraha, we take responsibility for the earth in our small way and consciously strive towards reducing waste and devising eco-friendly methods of crafting our garments.
We use premium fabrics for all our garments hand sourced by our team.
Our fabrics are printed by hand with wooden blocks in Bagru, Rajasthan, with a technique called hand block printing. Our designs are carved by hand into wooden blocks by master carvers in Bagru.
Our fabrics are hand block printed & vegetable dyed, in some collections, embroidered. The print might have slight irregularities in the motif & colours which results from the human involvement in the process & is a hallmark of handcrafted products. Since the fabric is dyed using natural, vegetable dyes, it may rub dry or bleed colour on coming in contact with water for the first time.
All photographs are for representation purposes and are shot to try and look as close as possible to the original product ordered but may have marginal colour variations from the actual product. There are times when a camera or a computer monitor can’t match the perspective of an eye. The slight difference is unavoidable. 
We also operate on a made-to-order model, eliminating typical inventory issues that lead to overproduction.


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