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Stop checking your likes!

Stop checking your likes!

Hey there!

I don’t know about you but my screen time is sometime absolutely out of control!

I have been labelled as “Oh the one who is always on social media” - but I think it’s time this changes!

I joined Instagram in 2012 and since then I have been down the rabbit hole. Haha, do you resonate?
It's better late than never!
Urghh, it's weird but it's TRUE!
We need to realise that we need to use our hand-held devices smartly.
The world is on your palm but you're not eating OUT of it but INTO it.
AND, that's where, my friend, you need to draw the line.
It isn’t about putting down your phone - but it IS about the simple act of loving and appreciating ourselves.
By actually knowing how to turn your day into hours of efficiency and BOOM, you will soon realise there is SO MUCH MORE to life than whiling away time -REPEATEDLY looking at the same pictures or LITERALLY counting your likes.
You may not realise now but there are SO MANY under-utilised tools out there which would actually allow you to grow and let you optimally utilise your own time!
Phew, YES, it IS possible!
Record how long you are on your social media for, you can easily see that on the phone settings.
Give your self a limit, brining it down by even a few minutes each day- soon it will be down by hours.
You will realise, that you didn’t really need to be online and you will find the time to do SO MUCH MORE!

For an addict like me, I have set timings for my self - once in the morning and once in the evening. THAT'S ABOUT IT.
15 mins ONLY at each time.
As an entrepreneur, I have seen it work like magic. I had a list of so many ideas for my business which were just sleeping inside my diary but by creating all this time for my self they have been finally awake and seeing the light of the day!
We all have the same 24 hours.
What are you going to do, to create some magic for your self now?
Keep growing!


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