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To finding joy and happiness in failure

To finding joy and happiness in failure

Sorry, what? Is that even possible?


Everyone has a different definition of happiness and success and it’s usually got something to do with achievement.
Know what I mean?
Rarely do you find a person looking joyful when he/she is facing something that they don’t want to or losing what they wanted to gain.

And do you know WHY it is so? It's got a lot to do with our reactions to these so called 'failures'.
We are trained to react sadly, to cry, to lock ourselves up in a room, to avoid meals.

We need to do the opposite when you think you're 'failing'.
Honestly, it might sound difficult but push your self and see the magic!

Go eat your favourite meal, party a little harder, meet a close friend or put on your favourite track.
Your brain will treat this as happiness and your so-called 'failure' might just look like blessing. Something to cherish in fact!

We have grown up with such HEAVY conditioning on what our lives must look like- with the notion that failure is the opposite to success. Anything that isn't fitting a person or societal norm, is, uh, failing.

We grew up with thinking we CANNOT FAIL.
WELL, according to WHO exactly?

Why not change this lense for a moment and dig deeper into this illusion. This illusion of everything being so black and white, so good and bad.

Why can’t we just pause for a moment and look at what great joys a failure can bring in.We have labels for people who choose differently.

Someone who doesn’t want to complete his/her college degree has FAILED at education.

Someone who has decided to divorce or parted ways in a relationship has FAILED at commitment and marriage.

Someone who doesn’t want children has already FAILED in the concept of life.

Whoa, what’s all this drama for?
I know that it's SOOO frustrating when you can see the life that is possible for you, yet there are limiting patterns that have been holding back from living the life that you desire.

The challenge is to break through another person's/society's perfectionism.
What is FAILURE then?
It’s literally nothing but a failed notion, haha!

Each moment is a source of rapid transformation.
Our closest people have a heavy influence on us BUT do you ever stop to think what influence do YOU have on YOURSELF?

We need to stop buying into other people's STORIES and conclude them as our OPINIONS.

Well, I've learnt that even in the seemingly worst situations- you just gotta do YOU.
I start with putting on my favourite music, eating some comfort food-such as a bowl of cheesy pasta, wearing make up, getting dressed and showing up wherever I need to!
Yes, I have had to literally and consciously practice this. But trust me, if I can do it, OMG, you totally can!


Take those steps. Drop those labels.






Truly something every individual should abide by for a happier life! Let’s cherish ourselves first!

Sujata Poddar

There is nothing called failure in life as it seems to be …. It’s the challenge that the nature puts up for us and we need to fight back !! Again it’s not winning over rather we have learnt to walk through it. So nothing bothers and we stay happy 😊

Girisha Kanodia

Let’s all practice this!

Girisha Kanodia

Let’s all practice this!



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