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"You look happy!"

"You look happy!"

"You look happy!" is something I've been hearing a lot these days :D

 Isn't this a WAY better compliment than "You are pretty" or "You are so fit" ?

 I hear it from my friends or people I have met after a long time. It must be because I may have been smiling or looking joyful for no reason.

Yes, for no reason because just 'looking happy' is not something one can do consciously!

It's because I truly must be and I'm so glad!!!

 If you're walking around stressed, troubled, sad, worried, scared - where does that lead you? How does it benefit you and others? What are you missing out on?

Happiness is the goal of ALL other goals. So if you're not experiencing it - what does that mean for your life today?


Now going back a little into the past, I went to a café to work, I observed people and noticed that a lot of them are frowning, rushing and/or looking down and that's when I realised that- WAIT, am I doing the same?

Am I observing a reflection of my own self in others?

Wow. That hit me.
I felt a small shift and wondered that do I not smile enough or 'feel' happy enough when I actually do have so much to be happy about?

I felt if one is not enjoying their own temporary, fleeting, fascinating life experience - one is not really alive! 

I know it's hard to smile when you're going through something difficult in your life and but do you
choose to smile when it’s over?

I have taken some seemingly huge decisions in my life in a span of one year - a divorce from a marriage of 4 years to shifting to a new city!
My life has been a little bit of a roller-coaster ride but I once it was over what next could I have done?
While I was on the ride, I did not find enough reasons to smile but as of TODAY, I have people telling me 'Hey, you look happy'.

Wow, that made me realise that I have finally stopped looking sad and I am genuinely grateful for everything for what life has been teaching me- that what I am experiencing in my present was absolutely not possible without the bottle-neck moments of my past!

Yes, a lot of this SMILING does stem from innate happiness but I also took the conscious effort to recount each and everything that I can be happy about and focused on nothing but what’s only in my PRESENT.
Life doesn't have to be perfect or even really good in order for you to enjoy being YOU each day. Because it's not about what's going on in your life - it's about your relationship to everything that's going on in your life.


I took me more than 365 days to change my relationships with my situations- it's a journey I am still learning from and never willing to leave - but hell, there is no other power in the world better than the one that let's you smile without even you having to try!


Let's get you to do YOU, shall we?


With all my love,





Rahul Shreshtha

Anushree 🙌🙌

Siddhika Shahi

Certainly happiness is a choice!
Loved what you’ve written, Anushree. Kudos to you for being such a strong person!

Niharika Raina

Wonderful! Keep writing Anushree, I love your work and now getting to know you a little bit as a person too is so inspiring!



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